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DD Technology

Double Density Technology Powers the Best Low Deflection Shaft for The Money

Poison's mission is to provide the best pool cues for the money to pool fans that want to have fun and play better. With this in mind the Poison Venom² shaft has been engineered by Predator Group to provide the best low deflection shaft at the best price.

Poison's exclusive Double Density (DD) Technology™ uses two different densities of material within a single shaft for optimum stiffness and playability. A one-piece Maple shaft with foam in the bore. This, combined with a ferrule that's shorter than most, keeps the front end light. Your cue gets out of the cue ball's way with a quickness, which reduces cue ball deflection and improves accuracy when you shoot with English.

Hands down, Venom has better accuracy and playability than any other shaft in its class. Doubt us? We dare you to play with Venom. Because when you do, it'll be your competition, not you, that gets stung.